BillgkrTips Review

August 6, 2020
BillgkrTips review

Welcome to this BillgkrTips review, lets take a closer look at what this multi-sports tipster can offer you as a new member. Hosted on Tipstrr Pro Billgkr has mastered a lot of sports offering profitable selections on sports such as Basketball and Tennis but more noticeably on Football especially in Europe.

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A message from Bill himself..


My name is Bill and I am from Greece.

Even though bookmakers are very good at setting prices they are not always right when providing their odds. Also odd movements happen all the time as the bookies adjust their lines to balance their book or as they react to latest news. Those mistakes and movements create value bets which in the long run will bring us in profit. Since odds are just probabilities, value betting offers really the only way to beat the bookmaker in the long run.

Throughout the years of betting, I have managed to find ways to identify those value bets and those opportunities I will share to you with my picks.


For staking, I set a ‘to win amount’.

For example, if we set this amount at 100 euros at odds of 2 we bet 50 euros. If the odds are 2.5 we bet 40 euro and so on.

We are betting at high odds and the losing runs are inevitable. By doing this we protect our bank from those losing runs and we let the winners take care of the losers.

How To Follow BillGkr Tips

I try to provide many tips from many bookmakers so that followers can take advantage of as many as they can.  If you find odds a lot lower than those posted you should skip that tip and go to the next one. You will find plenty of them!!

Nothing wins all the time and losing runs happened before, do happen and will happen in the future. So don’t unfollow after a losing run because there is always a winning run waiting in the corner!!

Good luck to all of you and thanks for following!

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