10 Best Horse Racing Tipsters

August 27, 2020
Horse Racing Tipsters

Here is a list of the 10 best horse racing tipsters on the website, this will update in real-time so be sure to check back often especially when new reviews are added.

A number of things are considered when selecting a horse racing tipster to make profit from your betting and this includes

  • Customer Service
  • Profitability
  • Consistency
  • Write-Ups Provided
  • Time Keeping

The following services have excelled in these areas and are a worthwhile service to add to your betting portfolios for your horse racing betting success.

Please note that past success is not an indicator of future profits but it is a very good indicator of how good or bad a horse tipster is.

I always encourage users to take the trial options for tipster services to avoid any unwanted pain further down the line, the trial offer helps you to see how the service is run before you sign up fully.

Always do your research by looking fully at the tipster’s selections and their profit loss histories, if needs be, send the tipster an email to see if they reply to you or not before you join as this also is an indicator on if the service is run by a human or not.

Also check that the selections given are not copied from other tipsters pages or newspapers, to avoid paying for something that is free that is.

Investing in horse racing betting requires a betting bank so please ensure you have a healthy bankroll to survive the inevitable losing runs that tipster services will go through.

Never rush into anything if you are not completely sure about a tipster and NEVER give a tipster money via bank transfer etc, always use a secure payment method such as Paypal.

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