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Lula BTTS Review

This is our Lula BTTS Review, Lula BTTS is a football tipster service hosted on the Tipstrr betting platform and fofers profitable both teams to score football tips to its users.

Based on level stakes of £10, Lulas BTTS has made £4,356 profit in the last 12 months across 4096 football tips (roughly 79 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £363.

Tips per week 79
Odds = 9/5
Win rate = 41%
ROI = 10.6%
Avg. profit/month = £363 in the last Last 12 months

Lula BTTS offers around 7 or 8 tips a day which may be too much for some users but if you can get over that this football service is highly profitable and consistent.

Why should you choose Lulas BTTS for your football tips?

If you want to feel the adrenaline of a crossbar shot or a missed penalty, this service is probably not for you! It is a pre-match betting strategy that will allow you to make consistent profits over time. The only way to achieve this is to leave emotions aside and follow statistics. Thus, the tips we give are not to be considered individually, but as a whole, since the strategy consists in playing with statistics to identify events where the proposed odds are unadjusted considering the estimated probability of the event occurring.

Every day we will give a series of tips on selected events on the «No Both Teams To Score (BTTS)» market. The reason for selecting this market is simple: statistically, the probability of finding unadjusted odds is higher in this market than in any other. This fact tends to maximize long-term profits. Some will say that we suggest too many tips (especially on weekends), but our goal is to provide a significant pool of tips that can be managed by our members depending on the odds they have available for betting, which in most cases can be lower than those suggested in the tip. Therefore, we suggest a recommended minimum odds to our premium members. They should only enter a market if the odds offered are higher than the recommended minimum odds.

Lula BTTS Review – Our Verdict

Based on its current performance we can easily approve LULA BTTS as a must-have football tipster for your betting portfolio the kind of results delivered have been fantastic which si not something that you will come across from football tips often.

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