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4.5 rating
In The Stands is a football tipster service from an avid football fan who enjoys traveling the UK and visiting different football teams' grounds as he goes. He has been a football tipster for over 5 years but not publicly and has made the decision to go public with us at Tipsters4U
4.8 rating
Based on level stakes of £10, ChapolinNF has made £3,477 profit in the last 12 months across 2499 football tips (roughly 69 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £413.
3.0 rating
Bet Supply offers good long term returns for your investment
Tipstrr service offering good long term ROI ad profits
3.5 rating
One of the better football tipsters from Betting Gods
£1.99 for 28 days trial
4.0 rating
Long standing profitable football tipster service
£6.75 for your first month trial offer
5.0 rating
Multi sports tipster offering profitable selections and a cracking record
4.3 rating
Profitable multi sports tipster who excels at Football
3.5 rating
BillGKR Tips is a Tipstrr Pro service offering profitable tips
3.8 rating
Well liked long standing service for football betting in the UK
3.8 rating
Tipsters Empire's only Football tipster
May not be on the paltform anymore

Who are the most profitable football tipsters? Take a look through our football tipster reviews below and we have no doubt you will find a tipster that can deliver profitable betting advice.

Things to look for from a profitable football tipster

There are 5 things you should look for if you want a successful football tipster that can provide you with profitable selections.

  • Track record – must have a profit loss record showing and proving profitability for at least 6 months or longer
  • Offer a trial of the service – this can be free or paid for but must be reasonably priced to give you the option to try before you buy
  • Give good customer service – be easily contactable via email and other media
  • Be profitable overall – must b profitable after 12 months of tipping
  • Have good reviews -many sites review tipsters so if you cant easily find good reviews of the tipster it may be worth avoiding.
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