Remote Sports Betting

October 15, 2019
Remote Sports Betting

Remote sports betting isn’t just a popular pastime in the UK. People all over the world frantically check their mobiles during game time, making sure their parlay is still bringing in their next round of beer. For the Dutch, remote betting has always been tied to Toto, the national sports betting service.

In fact, it’s the only sports betting service that’s allowed to offer their services to Dutch citizens. The government-mandated monopoly forbids players to find their luck elsewhere – an outdated practice in the age of online sports betting.

Below, you’ll find a quick overview of this Dutch sports betting player, but more information about how to play (and what to bet on) at Toto is readily available.


Aside from the Eredivisie, the Dutch top-tier football league, players can bet on most other international leagues as well. This includes the world’s most famous competitions as well as the more obscure leagues whose existence seem to serve sports betters on the graveyard shift.

Other sports are included in the Toto lineup, as well. This selection is noticeably smaller than with most other sport betters but does offer the world’s biggest sports and sporting events.

Toto 13

A distinguishing game feature from Toto is the Toto 13, a combination between a Lotto game and sports betting. For this game feature, you select the outcome for 13 randomly selected games that are played over the next week. A € 10.000-minimum jackpot is awarded to players who select the right outcome for all games, and additional cash prizes are awarded for those who missed only one or two correct outcomes.

Foreign players and the free market

Foreign players aren’t allowed to register at Toto until at least January 2021. Recent law changes have abandoned the Dutch monopoly on sports betting (and online gambling in general), but implementation of these changes isn’t expected until the beginning of 2021. Until then, Toto and Dutch betters are stuck in their arranged marriage – although statistics suggest that Dutch betters are cheating en masse.

Cash-out and live games

The most important reasons for the Dutch unfaithfulness aren’t the odds but rather the limited betting options Toto offers. There are no live betting options and even a cash-out needs to be activated before the game starts. As part of the new law, these options should become available, but it is unclear when exactly.

Another consideration for Dutch players is the gambling tax imposed on winnings. Each (combined) win over € 449 is automatically hit with a 31% gambling tax.


Toto has been a household name for Dutch players since its inception in 1956. Their Toto 13 game option offers a great chance at a jackpot price, and their modest selection of available sports and leagues offer everything most players want.

Once the game has started, Toto stops offering whatever players want. This, coupled with the general lack of promotions of any kind, has caused the online Dutch better to find their fortune overseas.

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