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Soccerrafa Review

Welcome to this Soccerrafa review, this is a football tipster that is on the Tipstt website offering profitable football tips on a daily basis for its members.

Based on level stakes of £10, soccerrafa has made £1,519 profit in the last 12 months across 3433 football tips (roughly 67 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £126.

Tips/week: 67
Avg. odds: 8/5
Win rate: 41%
ROI: 4.4%
Avg. profit/month: £126 for the Last 12 months

Why should you choose Soccerrafa for your football tips?

1- All matches are analyzed and selected in detail.
2- All posted matches are on Betfair.

The above is what’s stated on Soccerrafa’s website, but we can add to that, the best reason to join Soccerrafa is consistent betting profit on football, it’s a super consistent service offering tips daily and with great success.

The service averages around 67 tips per week which is a little on the high side but if you can get over this, its well worth following, over the last 12 months of proofing it has recorded a solid ROI of 4.4% and £126 per month.

Though the ROI is 4.4% and yes it is low, but it is making consistent money month in and month out for over a year now so for that reason it’s an easy yes from us if you are thinking about joining.

Thanks for reading this Soccerrafa review.

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