ChapolinNF Review

March 27, 2023
ChapolinNF Review

Welcome to this ChapolinNF Review, this is a football tipster service on the Tipstrr tipping platform that has been delivering surprisingly good results for its members over an extended period of time now.

Based on level stakes of £10, ChapolinNF has made £3,477 profit in the last 12 months across 2499 football tips (roughly 69 tips per week), giving an average monthly profit of £413.

chapolinNF Review stats
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Tips/week: 69
Avg. odds: 8/5
Win rate: 45%
ROI: 13.9%
Avg. profit/month: £413 Last 12 months

Results Since Launch Of ChaplinNF

Since launching in July 2022, Chapolin has now been tipping for about 9 months and has consistently made a profit during this time as you can see by the monthly breakdown below.

Jul = +£136.60
Aug =+£411.60
Sep = +£233.60
Oct = +£973.30
Nov = +£193.80
Dec = +£229.80

Jan = +£28.50
Feb = +£630.50
Mar= +£629.40


Based purely on facts and current form you would be mad not to give this football tipster a trial for £1, 9 months in a row of profit with no losses is not easy to achieve by any stretch.

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