Landry Horse Racing Review

August 6, 2020
landry horse racing review

Welcome to this Landry Horse Racing review, first of all, Landry is a profitable horse racing tipster from the Tipstrr network that has averaged a massive £1000 profit per month since it was started.

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Important Information About Landry Horse Racing

Here are the instructions before you join as taken from their portfolio page.


All our tips are posted every morning before 10am.

Each day we post between 5-25 tips depending on opportunities!


We advise to split your bankroll in 100 or 200 points if you want to minimise the variance.


You have a £200 bankroll. You decide to split in 200 points so each point is £1.

Every bet is a 1 point bet (£1) so every time you back a horse you will bet £1 in total (50% on the win and 50% on the horse to place)


All bets are each way. If you see a bet that is not, it is a mistake from us. I repeat every bet is an each way bet.

If you see a bet tipped twice, it is a mistake from us. Sometimes it happens. Sorry in advance.

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