Best Horse Racing Tipsters For 2022

So who are the best horse racing tipsters for 2022, we take a look at the top 5 horse racing tipsters that can give you the best chances of delivering a profit long-term through 2022 and onwards.

So we are going to run through the top 5 tipsters for 2022 in the horse racing market let’s begin with number one, in our opinion the very best horse racing tipster Underdog Racing Tips.

underdog racing tips

1) Underdog Racing Tips

Easily the most profitable whilst also being the most volatile tipster for horse racing Underdog Racing Tips has been tipping horses now for over 2 years and is delivering an ROI at the time of writing above 50% and also over £14,221.90 profit in the last 12 months which means an overall monthly profit on average of over £1000.

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cotswold racing

2) Cotswold Racing

One of many Tipsters EMpire services for horse racing that are not only profitable but consistent, Cotswold on the other hand stands out on their platform as he is delivering a monthly profit of over £128 per month based on just £10 stakes and an ROI in the region of 14%.

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svb tips review

3) SVB Tips

SVB Tips is a multi-sport tipster service that offers selections on a multitude of sports but when it comes to Horse Racing the results are very good in fact in the last 12 months for Horse Racing SVB offered 570 selections had a strike rate of 25% and ROI of 17.8% and a profit of £537.59, this is certainly a tipster to keep on the right side of even better results for other sports and even tipping multiple sports remains in profit nearly every month of tipping!

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Ed Culham Tips Review

4) Ed Culham Tips

Ed Culham is yet another profitable horse racing tipster service from the Tipsters Empire tipping network Ed has delivered an average of £61 profit per month to £10 stakes yet delivers a whopping overall ROI of over 30% and a total profit since tipping commenced over a year ago at £1400+.

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5) Daily Trixies

Last but not least is Daily Trixies this is a multiples-only tipster service offering Trixie bets which is basically 3 doubles and one treble on 3 selections each day. Most services that offer multiple only bets don’t do very well but this isn’t the case with this service it has now been going for over 2 years now and is still in profit.

The chances of winning big with this service are high and the fact that it’s in profit after 2 years says a lot, a lot riskier than the standard horse tipsters though.


Finding winning horse racing tipsters is not always easy but there are 5 profitable tipsters above that are all worth a try in your quest for profit, though past performance is not a complete indicator for future performance it does serve as a very good guide.

Winning Tipsters
Landry Profitable horse racing tips

Wizard Of Big Odds Sensational horse racing service thats very profitable

BillGKRTips Multi sports tipster who is good at more than one sport

RM Greyhound Tips Greyhound tipster offering consistent profits from the dogs

I AM Football Proven football tipster offering winning selections on a regular basis

Cotswold Racing New Tipsters EMpire horse racing tipster with a great result during proofing.
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